Let’s face it, the buying and selling process can be a very overwhelming process. We live in a world with instant gratification which includes internet searches and phone text messages, so many sellers think it’s easy to sell “For Sale By Owner” or FSBO. In fact, in some instances, real estate transactions have become more complex over the years. With short sales and foreclosures becoming more mainstream it’s more important than ever to have a knowledgeable realtor by your side to help you navigate through the real estate process.

 Make sure your agent has the knowledge and understands your marketplace. In today’s day and age, it’s not uncommon to hire an agent from outside a seller’s particular market to sell their home. In fact, I speak from experience. As a DuPage County short sale agent, I’ve listed and sold hundreds of properties outside of my work area of DuPage. It’s given me the opportunity to master and learn new markets. Working in a variety of towns has afforded me the opportunity to become a value expert. You really get the opportunity to evaluate the competition and price appropriately.

It’s extremely important to price your home correctly from the start to attract the right buyer in the shortest amount of time. Overpricing can be a real problem. The longer a home sits on the market and goes through a variety of price reductions, the public perception becomes such that they may feel something may be wrong with the home.

 Hire a great negotiator and do your due diligence when selecting an agent. Check an agents website and don’t be afraid to ask for recent references from either a buyer or seller. Whether your agent is negotiating a short sale or a traditional sale, it’s imperative your agent can help you navigate through the mountains of paperwork and work with either a bank or buyer’s agent to get the deal closed. Any agent can list a property, but when it comes down to it, getting to the closing table is the end goal.  

 Purchasing a home is one of the most important and most expensive things you do in your lifetime, so make sure you hire a qualified real estate agent.