Many folks get excited with the thought of building and designing their own home. People will interview countless builders and go through a variety of publication before they settle on the design of their dream home. If you’re considering building, many people will overlook the following items when deciding which parcel to build on.


Lot Shape:

This is probably the most important aspect when deciding to build and is quite commonly overlooked. You need to decide what you would like to do with the lot dimensions. For instance if you decide to install a pool, you need to allow for the appropriate room to do so. Depending on the dimensions and shape of your home, you may want a wider lot vs. a narrower lot.


Lot Dimensions:

The length of a lot is extremely important and is key to building a custom home. You need to allow room for all your plans. Some folks prefer a bigger front yard vs. a larger backyard, so selecting a lot with your plans in mind is crucial.


Convenience and Accessibility:

You want a lot that will combine both easy access to amenities and expressways along with providing privacy and seclusion.