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Now that the cold weather is upon us it’s important that your furnace or boiler is in good working order.

  1. Check the flue pipe and pipe seams, is the piping rusty, are there holes or cracks in the pipes? Soot located at the seams could be indicated a leak in the pipes.
  2. Keep combustible items away from the furnace and flue pipes, stored items such as cardboard boxes, plastic bags and paint should all be kept clear of the furnace and flue pipes.
  3. Be sure you are familiar with the furnace or boilers cut off electrical switch and gas supply shut off valves
  4. Inspect the walls near the furnace and flue piping for discoloration, this could indicate that the furnace or piping requires insulation.
  5. Change the furnace filter and humidifier water pad as needed, fiberglass filters should be replaced every 30 days and pleated filters every 90 days of system operation, the arrow on the filter indicates the direction of air flow, the arrow should point towards the furnace, humidifier water pads should be replaced yearly.
  6. Have your heating system professionally checked yearly by a qualified HVAC contractor, this will ensure that your system is operating safely and efficiently.

If you have any questions regarding furnace and boiler safety please feel free to contact me.

Edward Okrei

Integrity Home Inspectors LLC