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Whether you’re a homebuyer interested in Westchester or Chicago short sales, or you’re a homeowner looking for a way to avoid foreclosure, you can only benefit from the insights and support that the seasoned Westchester short sales specialists of the Orrico Team can provide. Headed by James and Denise Orrico, the team is your go-to resource for anything to do with short sales and real estate in Westchester and throughout the Chicago metro area.

Short Sale Specialists in Westchester

A short sale is a process that’s several degrees more complicated than an ordinary home sale or purchase. It entails more negotiations, requires more paperwork, and demands higher levels of patience and persistence from both the homebuyer and the seller. If successful, however, the end result can be very much worth it, with the seller managing to avoid the damaging effects of a foreclosure and the buyer gaining a new home for what can be a very attractive, less than market value price. At a time like this, the advice and guidance that Westchester short sales specialists provide often prove invaluable.

No more than a half-hour drive west of the Chicago Loop, Westchester is a small village in Cook County that encompasses a total area that’s just over three square mile in size. Founded in 1925, it is currently home to a little less than 16,000 residents (as of 2009 US Census estimates) and is composed of quiet, tree-lined neighborhoods. The housing stock here is dominated primarily by single-family homes and townhomes.

For more information on the short sale process and your options in Westchester real estate, get in touch with your Westchester short sales specialists the Orrico Team today.

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