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A mere 22 miles to the west of the downtown Chicago area, the Village of Downers Grove has a strategic location that allows it to take advantage of the best that Chicagoland has to offer. Notwithstanding its ideal central location, excellent quality of life, good schools and business-friendly atmosphere, however, Downers Grove hasn’t managed to escape unscathed from the consequences of the economic downturn—one of which has been the increase of Downers Grove foreclosures.

Foreclosures in Downers Grove

The real estate market in this DuPage County village now features more Downers Grove foreclosures than there have ever been before. While this is unfortunate as a whole, it is also a set of circumstances that can prove beneficial to homebuyers, particularly to those who have previously been priced out from the much sought-after Downers Grove real estate market. As foreclosures are generally priced lower than most other homes for sale on the market, they serve as more affordable alternatives. Take note, however, that foreclosures are sold as-is so it’s important for the homebuyer to make sure that whatever repairs and modifications need to be made won’t result in an even more expensive price tag in the long run.

Would you like to learn more about Downers Grove foreclosures, Chicago short sales and real estate throughout the Chicago metro area? If you’re interested in the market for distressed properties or if you’re a homeowner who needs help in avoiding foreclosure, the Orrico Team invites you to get in touch with one of their professionals today. Call James and Denise Orrico for more information.

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