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Chicago short sales have increased with the depressed housing market. More homes are available for sale and buyers are at an advantage. If you are in the market for a home, now would definitely be the best time to invest in property. Many Chicago short sales and foreclosures are priced right and tend to give buyers more home for their money.

With the assistance of Certified Short Sale Specialists, it is easy to find the home you want while staying within your budget. As the process of Chicago area short sales can be difficult to understand, James and Denise Orrico are here to offer their professional services and knowledge on the matter.

It is important for buyers to know that short sales are not like your typical real estate transactions. Homeowners usually opt for a short sale to avoid foreclosure. Simply defined, the transaction is deemed a short sale when the amount of the home sale falls short of what is owed on the property.

Many factors come to play in Chicago short sales and the surrounding areas in Illinois . There are confusing negotiations with lending institutions and prevailing market conditions that need to be considered, among other things. With the help of short sale professionals, both buyers and sellers are relieved of the burdens of this type of real estate transaction.

Let James and Denise Orrico handle your ChicagoLand or Chicago short sales. Give them a call today at (630) 279-6732.

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